A Bubbling Or Gurgling Toilet – All You Need To Know!

April 21, 2022

A Bubbling Or Gurgling Toilet - All You Need To Know!

Every now and then, your property’s plumbing system presents you with a strange sight or makes a weird noise. While most of you disregard these trivial matters, others tend to associate these signs with a horror movie they watched. Well, it wouldn’t be fair to blame you for the latter. After all, Hollywood has done an excellent job associating plumbing issues with signs of a monster nearby.

One of such amusing signs is a bubbling or gurgling toilet. First of all, the latter is not a hint of a monster trying to find its way into your house through the pipes and the drainage system.


Nonetheless, a gurgling toilet is not something you should disregard as unimportant either. The latter could suggest a possible start to a bigger problem. Request toilet repair services from Calgary’s best plumbers to ensure that the problem is stopped before it becomes uncontrollable. As the wise ones say, a stitch in time saves nine.

For a better comprehension of the plumbing systems problem, think of it as your body’s blood circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems. A minor blockage in the lymphatic vessels or arteries will not show apparent signs of discomfort at first. But slowly, the long-term neglection of these issues will manifest itself in the shape of severe heart problems or lymphedema.

Similarly, a delay in correcting minor plumbing issues might result in massive costs in the future in the form of permanent plumbing component damage. The latter ultimately translates into significant repairs and component replacement costs.

In order to save you from such hefty expenses, this blog shall address one of such potential plumbing issues. Today, we shall look at the causes of a gurgling toilet in detail.

Why Is Your Toilet Bubbling?

We, like you, despise being startled awake in the middle of the night by weird and loud gurgles emanating from the toilet. To solve this issue, we must first identify the underlying cause:

Clogged Main Line

Honestly speaking, the culprit behind the gurgling in your toilet might not necessarily be hiding within your house’s plumbing system. A bubbling toilet could also result from a blocked mainline. These mainlines are located outside your home and connected to your house’s plumbing system to carry the wastewater from your plumbing system to your city’s primary municipal connection.

Thus, a blockage in the main drain line creates negative air pressure, which will cause your toilet to bubble or gurgle. In worst cases, this reverse pressure pushes the waste up your toilet. The latter is not a very pleasant smelling encounter.

In such a scenario, your city’s municipality is responsible for getting the problem fixed by a commercial plumber.

Congested Toilet Or Drain Pipes

A jammed toilet or drain pipe is one of the most common reasons behind these gurgling sounds. The latter could result due to numerous causes such as:

  • Debris accumulation in the main drain pipes or overflow openings
  • Inadequate flashing
  • Flushing large and hard objects such as baby wipes

Besides bubbling, these kinds of blockages might result in unbearably foul smells as the waste material gets trapped in the pipes due to the blockage and begins to decay. Thus, you should never underestimate them. While some of these blockages are easy to solve on your own, others might be complex and require the expertise of reliable residential and commercial plumbers in Calgary.

If the problem seems severe, do not attempt to fix it yourself as it may result in more damage than good.

Calcium Deposit Buildup

Well, understanding the reason behind a bubbling toilet will require you to refresh your chemistry knowledge a bit. If the water in your house is hard (it contains elements like Magnesium and Calcium), the chemicals in it may be deposited in your toilet tank and the drain pipes. As these calcified elements accumulate over time, they eventually cause a blockage that results in a bubbling toilet.

Honestly speaking, it will not be easy to identify all the areas in which such build-ups occur on your own. Thus, it would be better to let a professional drain cleaning and repair company handle it.

Let Calgary’s Best Plumbers Help You

From the discussion above, you surely understood that finding the root cause of a bubbling toilet is not an easy task, and neither is correcting it. Worry not because Jack’d Up Plumbing has the perfect solutions to all your major and minor plumbing needs. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and prompt service provision make us Calgary’s top-rated residential and commercial plumbers. Contact us now to solve all your plumbing inconveniences.