Major Causes Of Bathroom Drain Clogs

July 21, 2022

Major Causes Of Bathroom Drain Clogs

Bathroom drain clogging is a common issue, almost everyone has experienced the situation at least once when the water refuses to go in the drainage pipe. Obviously, there is a barrier that is stopping the water from passing down the drain. No matter what is causing the clogging, the situation becomes very unpleasant.

Henceforth, it is easy to clean the drain if waste material is clogged in the drain. But if there is something else inside the drain pipe then you will have to try a drain opening chemical or a drain opening vacuum pump and, if the problem does not go away with these two techniques then you will have to call a drain cleaning service provider.

There could be various reasons for a clogged drain. This blog further mentions some of the reasons for frequent clogging in your bathroom drain.

Waste Material Clogging

Materials such as hair, plastic packets, brush threads, soap, and residue combine to make a barrier in your pipes, due to which water can not pass through the drain or passes very slowly. Consequently, the water remains undrained for hours. This type of clogging is very easy to open, the waste materials in the drain are removed and the water starts to flow through the drain again.

Moreover, prevention of this type of clog is also very easy. Make a habit of throwing your waste materials in a dustbin instead of throwing it down the drain.

Things That Won’t Dissolve In Water

Throwing dissolvable products such as tissues, wipes, cotton, diapers and similar items can cause severe clogging in your drain. If the items are flushed down the drain it can accumulate in the drains’ pipe and block the water from passing through the drain pipe.

This type of clogg takes some time and is caused by throwing undissolvable substances regularly down the drain pipe. Eventually, the drain pipe gets clogged and prevents the water from draining.

Generally, this type of clog can not be cleared with a drain opening liquid. A vacuum pump might solve the problem, otherwise, a drain cleaning expert should be called to clear the blockage from inside.

To prevent this problem one should not throw undissolvable items down the drain. The house owners should understand which materials can get dissolved in the water and which materials do not dissolve or take too much time to do so. Besides that, no items should be thrown down the drain, a trashcan should be placed in the bathroom to throw away materials that cannot be flushed.

Old Drain Pipe

Old drain pipes get damaged due to aging and consequently, they get cracked or have certain leaks due to which the water does not flow directly into the pipelines and causes blockage in the complete sewage system of your house.

Hence, the bathroom sink, shower drain and bathroom drain get clogged. Generally, there is no other way to clean an old pipe clog except change the pipeline or repair the leaking pipes.

Blockage Caused By Hard Water

If your water is not of the finest quality and contains a high concentration of chemicals then the pipelines could become clogged with debris. That can block the drains’ pipes and reduce water flow.

Thus, hard water clogging is difficult to prevent. Frequent use of drain cleaning liquids can help to reduce clogging so that debris does not get clogged for a long time. Moreover, trying to open such a blockage on your own can cause more damage in the pipeline and make the situation worse.

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