Sump Pumps/ Lift Stations

Emergency Sump Pump Repair And Maintenance Services In Calgary and Surrounding Areas

Sump pumps remove water from low areas where it is not desired. They are usually installed in your basement and help prevent flooding during heavy rain. They also keep your basement dry by pumping out the groundwater that collects in the pit. Their timely maintenance is essential, so your equipment is ready when you need it. A defect in these sump pumps is usually not obvious until it is too late. Jack’d Up Plumbing can take away the worry of a failed sump pump by installing an alarm or a secondary back-up pump.


It could be catastrophic if these mini-lift stations fail to work during the rainy season or a massive storm. They could leave you with a flooded basement and extensive property damage.

However, to help you avoid this, we offer emergency plumbing services. Call one of our experts today to schedule an appointment. For emergency contact, call us at 403-800-0050.