October 14, 2021

Cooking on a gas stove can be dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions and choose to avoid maintenance. Taking the due safety precautions is important to keep you and everyone else in the house safe. Negligence towards their maintenance can be costly and dangerous for you and can turn into a big accident. … Continue reading “Safety Tips For The Maintenance Of Gas Stoves This Winter”

October 7, 2021

Is water pooling around your toilet? If yes there is most likely a leak in your toilet which needs to be fixed. If the water is leaking out the base then it is most likely coming from the bowl. This can prove to be very dangerous especially if you have children and pets in the … Continue reading “Why Is My Toilet Leaking At The Base?”

September 30, 2021

Although it may seem a little premature, you should focus on the maintenance of your plumbing system nice and early so that you are ready with your plumbing fixtures when autumn comes. Fall is just around the corner, and with this, leaves will be falling off the trees that might end up clogging your gutters … Continue reading “Effective Tips For Plumbing Preparation Before Fall”

September 23, 2021

The process of the repair, replacement, and maintenance of your plumbing system sounds problematic, time taking, often chronic, and repetitive. Every time you hire a plumbing professional’s service, you pray for a perfect, one-time, complete fix. As compared to other repairs, mistakes and imperfections in a plumbing job that can cause damage and inconvenience. Damage … Continue reading “Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Plumber”

September 16, 2021

Gas is a basic necessity now, and can be highly explosive if mishandled. It can cause terrible loss to your property and life. Therefore, proper fitting by experts is important to ensure the safety of your property and family. Gas fitters are responsible for installing gas appliances as well as repairing and maintaining gas-related appliances. … Continue reading “How To Choose The Right Gas Fitters In Your Area”

September 9, 2021

A running toilet can be annoying, and repairing it, again and again, is a big inconvenience. It can become a nuisance if you want to use the toilet. Plus, a running toilet wastes water, increasing your water bills. If you are having trouble with your toilet, there might be a few reasons why. This blog … Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Toilet Keeps Running”

August 26, 2021

Finding the right kind of plumber who can do the job professionally, at a reasonable rate, and in less time is hard. From the tons of options available, it might be difficult for you to choose the best one. However, doing your research beforehand can save you from spending too much money and wasting your … Continue reading “The 6 Factors You Must Consider Before Hiring A Plumber”

August 20, 2021

Clogged sewer pipes are one of the worst sewer residential and commercial building problems that owners face. They birth several other sewer related issues and might even result in bursting pipes. Clogging usually occurs when tree roots start to grow through the pipes or dirt accumulates in them over time. In addition to this, older … Continue reading “4 Common Signs Of Clogged Sewer Pipes”

August 12, 2021

If you live in a place like Calgary where temperatures in winter can go as low as – 22 degrees Celsius, keeping your home warm at all times, especially during the night, becomes necessary. This is why water heaters are an important piece of equipment for people living in extremely cold conditions. To ensure proper … Continue reading “4 Common Water Heater Problems & Their Solutions”

August 5, 2021

Water leaks are a common issue that most homeowners face. They are rather prevalent in older buildings. However, unfortunately, water leaks are one of the most ignored plumbing issues even though they can have grave implications to your and your family members’ health. From causing short-circuiting to providing an adequate growing environment for mold, water … Continue reading “Dangers Of Hidden Water Leaks In Your House”

July 28, 2021

As compared to a townhome or a detached house, apartment buildings have a very intricate plumbing system. According to statistics, an average household of 3 people consumes 630 liters of water per day. Considering the huge volume of water that flows through the pipes of any given apartment building will give you an idea about … Continue reading “Common Plumbing Issues In Apartment Buildings”

July 20, 2021

Your plumbing system is an integral part of your home, and if you don’t maintain it, it can lead to grave plumbing issues such as drain leaks, gas leaks, broken pipes, problematic furnaces, and more. Therefore, as a homeowner, you must maintain your plumbing system to keep it from deteriorating over the years. This blog … Continue reading “7 Useful Plumbing Tips To Maintain Your Plumbing System”