4 Common Water Heater Problems & Their Solutions

August 12, 2021

4 Common Water Heater Problems & Their Solutions

If you live in a place like Calgary where temperatures in winter can go as low as – 22 degrees Celsius, keeping your home warm at all times, especially during the night, becomes necessary. This is why water heaters are an important piece of equipment for people living in extremely cold conditions. To ensure proper functionality of the heating system, it is important that you schedule a maintenance check for your HVAC system with a residential plumbing company before using it after a long summer season. This also holds true for water heater systems.

There are a multitude of reasons why your water heater might not be working properly after sitting idle throughout the summer. If you have a relatively older water heater system, then you are advised to not skip maintenance checks no matter what. Older water heaters tend to take longer to heat up water to a usable temperature which is why they require more maintenance.

Read on to find out more about some common water heater problems and their solutions.

No Or An Inadequate Amount Of Hot Water

The most common water heater issue many homeowners in Calgary face is related to temperature. When hot water stops coming from the faucet, it is either due to broken or malfunctioning heating elements or some other fixtures.

If you are facing a similar problem, resetting the system might fix the issue. To reset your water heater system, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the power supply to the water heater unit.
  • Remove the cover from the element port.
  • Remove the insulation.
  • Press the red button to reset.

If resetting doesn’t solve the problem, then there might be a fault in the electrical supply line. A power interruption to the appliance such as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker will prevent the water from being properly heated. If your thermostat setting is incorrect or you have a faulty thermostat, seek help from a professional to replace the thermostat.

If the space inside the upper element port is wet, you will have to replace your water heater.

Leaking Or Pooling Water

Another common water heater issue faced by many households is leaking or pooling water around the heating unit. This is usually caused by excessive corrosion in the storage tank. It can cause the water tank to rupture as well. An overheated or faulty T&P valve (Temperature Pressure Relief Valve) can also cause leaking due to the build-up of water pressure inside.

Faulty plumbing connections and heating element gasket issues due to under or over-tightening can also lead to leakage. If you see water pooling around your heating unit, immediately call a plumber for water heater repair.

Water Is Colored

Water heaters, especially old ones, can undergo severe corrosion with time and become rusty. In this case, the water coming from your bathroom and kitchen faucets will be rusty-colored. This can also be caused by the anode rod of your heater not working properly. An anode rod prevents rust from accumulating in your water heater storage tank. This issue typically requires a complete water heater replacement.

Glass-lined storage tanks of some water heaters may also experience excessive corrosion, leading to unexpected leaks or ruptures.

Pilot Light Blows Out Frequently

A thermocouple’s function is to shut off the gas supply when the pilot goes out. However, a faulty thermocouple or a bad gas valve might frequently shut off the pilot without any cause. Install a downdraft hood on the top of the water heater unit and a baffle to stop the flame from blowing out.

However, if you are unable to understand why your pilot light is blowing out frequently, you must call an experienced plumber for help. A professional plumber can correctly determine whether your water heater’s thermocouple is faulty or not.

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