Essential Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

April 14, 2022

Essential Plumbing Tips For Pet Owners

Maintaining your home’s plumbing and keeping it in good condition is quite a task which can become even more difficult if you live with pets in your home. Everyone likes to have those little furry friends in their house and to cherish moments with them. However, all this comes at the cost of your home and plumbing maintenance.

It can be even more problematic if you live in an old house where the plumbing system is already degraded to a certain level. You need to keep special maintenance tips in mind to avoid causing any further problems. Therefore, it is better to follow some safety rules and tips to maintain your plumbing system for a long time, even with your pets.

This blog post mentions some essential tips to keep your plumbing system in healthy condition with pets in your home.

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Avoid Hair Getting Into Drains

It is a good idea to keep your pets clean and bathe them every month or so. However, you must also take care of your surroundings if you are bathing them in your home’s bathroom. There might be hair and fur everywhere when you wash them. Hair, mud, and other sticky substances can block the drains and affect the pipes lying under them.

Use drain stoppers during this process so they can collect all the fur, mud, and hair during this situation. They can prevent such substances from going down the drain.

Hide Your Exposed Pipes

Dogs and cats have the habit of digging as a natural instinct. In addition to this they like to chew on different things. If there are any exposed pipes or wiring in your home, make sure to hide them as soon as possible. Otherwise your pet may chew on them, which can be dangerous for your pipes and plumbing system.

Cover the drains with lids or rugs and shut any exposed pipes to keep your plumbing system safe.

Make Sure Your Water Heaters Are Working

A certain water temperature level might be comfortable for you, but that might not be comfortable for your pet as well. There must be an ideal water temperature when you are bathing your pet. Using too hot or too cold water might affect their health.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your water heater is kept working properly and that an optimum water temperature is available. Also, make sure that the water pressure is at safe levels. You can install a balancing valve that delivers an ideal pressure that is neither too slow nor too fast.

After you bathe your pet, pour hot water down the drain to get rid of any blockages caused by the hair or the debris.

Keep The Toilet Lid Down

The toilet bowl is another playing area for your pets. Some pets might like to insert their paws in it and then walk around with those dirty paws. This can be quite frustrating for you. It is not only dirty but can cause many health issues as well. Therefore, you must keep the area clean and minimize any chances to spread diseases.

Moreover, some pets have a habit of dumping toys, balls and other items in toilet bowls. These items can clog the pipes, resulting in hefty damages.

Keep the toilet lid down whenever possible to prevent them from getting into it. If you don’t have a toilet with a lid, hire a professional plumber and get it installed today. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for you and your pet.

Avoid Flushing Cat Litter

No matter what the cat litter box says, it is never a good idea to flush your cat litter. Cat litter contains harmful parasites that municipal water treatment systems can’t remove. In addition to this cat litter has clumping abilities when mixed with water so after some time it will cause a drain blockage. Therefore, it is better to prevent this situation and carefully dispose of the cat litter in a bin.

Final Words

If you think your plumbing system needs maintenance and repair by a professional plumber, call a plumbing company. They can solve any plumbing issues that might later cause an inconvenience for you or your pet.

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