How Long Will Your Home’s Plumbing Last?

March 17, 2022

How Long Will Your Home’s Plumbing Last?

Undeniably, residential plumbing is a significant investment for any average homeowner. Hence, it is quite natural for homeowners to be worried about the lifespan of their plumbing system. After all, no one wants to incur unnecessary plumbing repair costs or have to replace a part of or the whole system before its calculated service life ends.

On another note, the quality of your house’s plumbing system is an essential determinant to the value of your property. In fact, plumbing is amongst the priority items on any average knowledgeable house buyer’s inspection checklist, and is often the first thing any buyer checks as it gives them an estimate of the extra money they may have to spend on repairing or reinstalling the home’s plumbing system. If your home’s plumbing system is in poor shape, potential buyers may be deterred.

Thus, it is crucial to keep track of how old your plumbing system is as it will give you an idea of any potential needs for repair, maintenance or replacement of the system to avoid any damage to your property as a whole.

In truth, the lifespan of your plumbing system primarily relies on you and the way you treat it. It is pretty normal for a plumbing system to surpass its lifespan expectation if cared for properly. Contrarily, carelessness and negligence may result in earlier than expected replacements.

In light of the situation, as the best commercial and residential plumbers in Calgary and its surrounding areas, we will use this blog to help our readers calculate how long their plumbing apparatus will last and the aspects that influence the system’s longevity.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Your Plumbing System

As mentioned earlier, the service life of your plumbing system will depend upon your mindfulness and the attention you give it:

  • The Integrity And Authenticity Of Your Plumber

This is the most critical determinant of your plumbing system’s lifespan. If you hire a plumber that lacks integrity and has limited knowledge of the subject’s technicality, chances are that you will regret your decision. Such plumbers take very little notice of the property’s unique plumbing needs and any potential problems that may arise.

Hence, we suggest that you request plumbing installation and repair services from a reputable company.

  • Material Quality

This point goes hand in hand with the first one. If your plumber is reliable, they will advise you to invest in materials that can withstand pressure and any harsh elements and last longer. Contrarily, if you try to save money by purchasing cheaper items, you will incur unnecessary repair costs sooner than expected.

  • Your Attitude

How you treat your plumbing system is also a significant decider of your plumbing system’s longevity. If you dispose of food items, greasy liquids and other clogging agents down the drain, know that they will clog the drain and might end up damaging the pipes. This will backfire and result in significant repair expenses. You may avoid these unnecessary repair costs by just being a bit cautious about these matters.

  • Frequency Of Maintenance And Repair

Lastly, if you ignore a small problem, it will evolve into a bigger and costlier issue. Neglecting leaks and blockages may result in the ultimate downfall of the whole system. Therefore, never ignore the need for regular inspection, maintenance and repair to avoid unplanned costly replacements.

Plumbing Appliances And Their Lifespan

Like we said earlier, your plumbing system can easily outperform the calculations below if you take good care of it.

1. Toilets

If you are vigilant enough and pay attention to the toilet installation process, it will last you about half a century. And if you take good care of it, the odds that it will surpass this average 50-year lifespan are quite high.

2. Faucets

Faucets can last anywhere between 10 to 12 years if cared for properly. They may need a replacement faster than other appliances. Thus, they need a great deal of attention and inspection.

3. Water Heaters

These are an important part of any Canadian household’s plumbing needs. Hot water is a necessity that can not be ignored in the harsh Canadian winter and all year long. Their lifespan will depend upon the type you use. A traditional water heater and heat pump will last 12 and 10 years respectively. On the other hand, a tankless heater will last approximately 20 years.

4. Pipes and fittings

Pipes often cause the biggest headaches for homeowners. Frequent leaks and blockages are a huge pain. Pipes made of brass, copper, iron or steel can be a great companion for up to 70 years. PVC pipes are also a good alternative as they can last up to 50 years.

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