How Does A Garburator Work?

May 12, 2022

How Does A Garburator Work?

A garburator has become an integral part of every home. As we speak, no kitchen is complete without garbage disposal.

This appliance is the workhorse of every kitchen as it breaks down the food into smaller particles so that they don’t clog the drain.

It works as a blade that churns down every food element that is washed down it so that the pipeline doesn’t get blocked with big food chunks.

Invented by John Hammes in 1927, garbage disposal has remained the same in its design, but over the years, it has increased in use and has now become a required appliance in just about every home.

A garbage disposal makes life a lot easier when washing dishes and cleaning up after meals. Still, for it to work efficiently, you need to install it properly, and that can only be done with the help of a certified residential plumbing company.

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Now the question arises is how does the garburator work, and how is it used? Keep on reading as in this guide as we will give you all the necessary information about garbage disposals.

What Is A Garbage Disposal?

A garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance that is mainly found under a kitchen sink and is connected to a drain.

The main job of the disposal is to break down the food waste into smaller pieces so that they can easily and safely pass through the plumbing system.

The environmental benefit of using a garbage disposal is that it reduces the size of the food waste and makes biodegradation easier and faster.

There are now also many city water systems that have started wastewater treatment plants that reuse wasted food by turning them into fertilizers.

Garbage disposal, due to its benefits, has become a vital part of every household. So if you want to install a garbage disposal in your kitchen, be sure to hire a certified residential plumber.

How Does A Garbage Disposal Work?

The garbage disposal is powered by electricity and uses a small motor to rotate a blade that chops everything that comes in contact with it. The blade is located in the grinding chamber, and whatever is put in that chamber is churned down into small pieces.

This is the reason why the garburator is mounted to the underside of a sink. It is used to collect solid food waste in a grinding chamber.

Once the food is chopped down, it is pushed down the drain with the help of an impeller and plate system.

The drain pipe from the dishwasher is also connected to the garbage disposal, so this means that all the food particles present in the dishwasher will get the grinding they need before passing through the plumbing.

A major misconception that revolves around garbage disposal is that all garbage disposals have blades. But in reality, most garburators work off a spinning mechanism that does not use blades.

How To Use A Garburator

There are different models of garbage disposal, and each model varies slightly. But usually, it is the user who initiates the chopping by turning on the switch next to the sink or above the counter.

There is also a reset button on the grinding chamber located beneath the sink and a stopper switch as well. These buttons are used to troubleshoot the garbage disposal.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your garbage disposal:

  • Always run cool or room temperature water through the garbage disposal before turning it on.
  • Do turn the garbage disposal on before allowing food into the grinding chamber.
  • Slowly put the food waste into the garbage disposal.
  • Allow room temperature water to run for a few seconds after turning off the garbage disposal.

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