What Should You Know About A Leaking Shower?

July 7, 2022


Any problem with your plumbing fixtures in your home can be quite disturbing especially if it is a problem with your shower. The constant drip of a leaking shower head is disturbing, not to mention the accumulation of water on the floor, which can be hard to flow down the drain. Untreated shower leaks can also be very expensive to repair.

Only a professional plumbing company can help you prevent such problems and get your shower head back into working condition as soon as possible. There are different reasons why your shower may be leaking. This blog post enlists some of the common reasons for leaks and other important information you should know about a leaking shower. Moreover, we will also mention some solutions for repairing your shower head and how hiring a professional plumbing company can help you solve this issue.

Common Signs Of A Leaking Shower

It is not that your shower may begin to leak suddenly; rather, you might have been ignoring some signs for too long, and now they have become a reason for some serious shower leaks. That is why it is necessary to know some of the common identifications that may help you detect shower leaks in the earlier stages to take steps on time to prevent further damage. Some visible clues that may help you identify if your shower might leak are as follows:

Mold Growth

When your shower is leaking, one of the common clues is that the environment around is wet and warm. Mold will appear in your bathroom because the water droplets from the leaking shower will not dry and stay in the corners of your bathroom. So if you see fungus growing in your bathroom, check your shower immediately as it might be leaking.

Detached Tiles

The adhesives are not strong enough to hold the tiles constantly exposed to the water. As a result, the tiles loosen up over time and fall off their correct places. These are common clues that a leaking shower head might give.

Water Accumulates On The Floor

Another common sign of a leaking shower is that water starts to accumulate on the floor beneath it. When this happens, you will often find yourself wiping that water off the floor. Water falling drip by drip in the shower will accumulate on the floor. Therefore, you need to fix your shower as soon as possible to avoid this.

What Can You Do To Prevent A Leaking Shower?

It might be your instinct to crank the handle closed as hard as possible when you see that your shower is leaking. However, this will only make things worse as it will loosen the handle and damage the valve.

If you want to fix a leaky shower head on your own, you should turn off the water supply and clean the shower head. Check for a valve seal as your O ring or rubber washer is a component that prevents the water from leaking. If there is any damage to it, you need to replace it with a new one. Re-attach the shower head and turn on the water to check if the water has now stopped leaking or not. If the water is still leaking, there might be a problem with a valve in the shower taps.

Get Professional Help If The Problem Persists

Fixing a shower head on your own and trying DIY methods will not help you fix your shower head, as only a professional plumbing company can fix it. Sometimes you are limited by your skills and the necessary tools required to fix a shower head. There is nothing wrong with asking for a helping hand as professional plumbers will be able to fix your shower head in no time. Therefore, instead of trying to do things on your own, it is better to hire a professional company.

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