4 Most Common Plumbing Leaks In Your Home

June 17, 2021

4 Most Common Plumbing Leaks In Your Home

The most important yet most overlooked part of any household is its plumbing system. You use it multiple times daily, in your kitchen and bathroom, or for washing purposes. However, you usually do not give much thought to how this system works. Most people don’t know where the water they use comes from and where the wastewater eventually goes. Since your plumbing system tends to work properly most of the time, ignoring it is normal.

However, if you have a leak anywhere in your home’s plumbing, then dismissing the issue might not be the wisest thing to do. People often don’t realize how much they depend on their plumbing until an issue affects their water supply and related tasks. Although it is natural to have some plumbing problems, especially as your home ages, it’s important to remain aware of it. This will help you know when to grab your toolbox and when to call a professional plumbing repair service.

The most common residential plumbing issues include leaky faucets and pipes, clogged drains and toilets, low water pressure, water heater issues, and a running toilet. Each of these issues requires a different solution and expert handling. Read this blog to find out more about these issues and their solutions.

Toilet Leaks

The most common sources of leaks in residential homes and buildings are toilet leaks. This type of leak issue usually goes unnoticed as it does not make any noise. However, it can be extremely dangerous to your home if not caught early and can lead to damages in your flooring, woodwork, or ceiling present below the leaking toilet.

A gurgling or hissing sound usually comes from leaks in large toilet leaks when not in use. You might have a leak in your toilet’s flapper if you hear a hissing noise of running water. A damaged toilet float or fill tube can also cause a leak. If you notice a puddle of water around your toilet or see even a small amount of drippage, you need to act fast and immediately call a plumber to fix the leak.

Faucet Leaks

Although leaky faucets are unlikely to cause any damage, they are still one of the biggest water waste sources in many homes. Moreover, the repair can become costly if the problem is not given immediate attention. Generally, faucet leaks are simple to repair, and a professional plumber can quickly solve the leak issue by adjusting or changing the washer underneath the handle.

Drain Leaks

The drains that lead water out of your shower and bathtub are weak bathroom plumbing spots. These might develop a leak over time without you noticing it, and the most common source of the leak is the first section of the pipe just below the drain. This kind of leak can worsen if it is not detected on time and cause significant damage to your property.

Water leaks cause discoloration around the drain and stains on the ceiling below the tub, making the detection of the drain leak easier. To detect any leakage before the damage becomes worse and beyond repair, you must check the flooring around your drains and look for leakage signs such as flooring sheets or titles coming up. If you discover any signs of leakage, contact your local plumber as soon as possible.

Water Heater Leaks

You need to perform regular inspections of your traditional water heaters that utilize a water tank to provide warm water to your taps. These heaters can develop a decaying seal because they are filled with water 24/7 and deal with varying temperature conditions.

A faulty pressure release valve is the most common reason for leaks in water heaters. The design of these valves allows them to leak water when they detect excess pressure in the plumbings’ pipes. An excess leak might occur due to unusual water pressure settings in your home or a high-temperature setting if your valve isn’t defective.

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