The 2 Most Common Plumbing Repair Questions

November 25, 2021

The 2 Most Common Plumbing Repair Questions

Every now and then people face plumbing-related issues in their homes, and just like many others you may have also experienced some plumbing problems at your home. These issues are the most difficult to resolve.

Most of these issues require the help of a professional plumbing service. Most homeowners face the same plumbing-related issues. However, no matter how common they are, they are still a nuisance.

Many people have several questions when it comes to plumbing problems. In this blog post, we have answered the 2 most common plumbing repair-related questions that trouble most people.

Should You Turn Off Your Water When You Go On A Vacation?

Before going on vacation many people give attention to all the nitty-gritty things but almost always forget about their water supply. Your water supply is the most important thing you should think about before going on vacation. Most homeowners don’t include turning off their water supply in their vacation prep list. It is true that your water system should be fine while you are away, but ‘should’ and ‘will’ are two different things. It does not mean the pipes won’t leak just because no one will be using them.

So, when you are away even a small leak or other small plumbing issue can turn out disastrous as no one will be there to address them. Since you will be away these small issues will be left unchecked and these issues will continue to pour water into your home for days or weeks, depending upon how long you are away. You would never want to receive a call from your neighbors in the middle of your vacation that there is water flowing onto your driveway. Therefore, to prevent these types of scenarios, shut off the water to your home before you leave. This will limit the amount of damage any major plumbing problems can cause while you are gone.

Why Is My Water Cloudy And How Can I Fix It?

Have you ever poured water from your tap and noticed that it looked more like water mixed with milk than plain water? If you are experiencing cloudy water then it can be due to one of three reasons.

Dirt: Sometimes tiny particles find their way into your water supply. These tiny particles of dirt and sand get suspended in the water and cause cloudiness. A small amount of these particles is generally harmless. To clean your water from the dirt and sand particles you will need to use a sediment filter.

Sulfur: Does your water smell like rotten eggs? If yes, then your water has hydrogen sulfide present in it. Sulfur producing bacteria thrives in plumbing systems and wells where there is little oxygen and they live on rotten organic matter. These bacteria then produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which gets trapped in your water. A chemical reaction in your water heater system or a bacteria present in your well can be the cause of this. Sulfur is not a major threat to your health but do get your water tested to ensure that it is safe. To remove the unpleasant appearance and aroma, determine the source of the bacteria. For water heater issues, get your appliance serviced by a professional. For water source issues, ensure your system offers proper ventilation for gas and install a home and water filtration unit to eliminate sulfur bacteria.

Bubbles: Air bubbles are the most common cause of cloudy water. The air bubbles in your water create cloudiness. This usually occurs during the winter season. The mixture of temperature and pressure changes forms air bubbles in the water as it travels to your faucet. These air bubbles are harmless and will disappear with time. Just let the water sit in an open container or glass for a few minutes, the air bubbles will naturally rise to the top and will dissipate.

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