Learn About The Pros And Cons Of A Garburator

July 28, 2022

Learn About The Pros And Cons Of A Garburator

Many people worry about food disposal. They are worried about what to do with the leftovers and the food crumbs left after eating. To minimise such wastes, garburators were manufactured. It lets you put your dirty dishes straight into the sink without worrying about the dirty particles getting stuck in the plumbing system.

Garburators have become quite common, especially in Calgary, many plumbing companies often find themselves installing and repairing them. However, many people and homeowners are still unaware of this product and think about whether it is useful or not.

If you want to know more about garburators and don’t know how to install one, this blog post might help you. Continue reading to discover some pros and cons of garburators and how Jack’d Up Plumbing can help you if you want to install one.

Pros Of Garburators

Many homeowners find it hard to live without their garburators now. Many claim that they have experienced tremendous benefits after installing their garburator. Some of the benefits of getting a Garburator are:

They Help Prevent Your Pipes From Clogging

Clogged pipes are one of the worst plumbing problems that can happen to any homeowner. A clogged pipe with water flowing back into the kitchen sink is one of the most worrisome sights to see. Therefore, there is a need to install a device that can break down these particles but doesn’t affect the pipes.

Garburators break down food scraps into small particles using impellers. Such small particles can easily pass through the drain. Therefore, the drain pipes remain unaffected when the food particles pass through them.

It Reduces Land Waste

Food is also one of the biggest contributors to land waste. Food buried in landfills are not decomposed properly and thus, become a source of methane. Garburators can minimise this problem, reducing the amount of trash sent to the land.

It Gives You Convenience

Another benefit of using garburators is the convenience it offers. You don’t have to worry about food scraps any longer as it shreds them completely. This makes it easier for you to clean up your kitchen after dinner or lunch.

It Is Inexpensive

Installing a garburator is inexpensive. Instead of throwing all the food particles down the drain and clogging your pipes, which require a lot of money to get repaired, installing a Garburator can help you avoid such problems. Moreover, on average, a Garburator can last for around ten years. Garburators have strong horsepower with high torque and a strong motor that can deal with almost every kind of household food waste. However, there still are certain things you should not put in a Garburator.

Cons of Garburators

Like everything else, on top of so many benefits, a Garburator also has certain drawbacks. These are:

Requires Correct Installation

You can benefit from a garburator only when it is installed correctly. When your garburator is not installed correctly, it will not shred the food particles; thus, the pipes will become clogged. Therefore it is necessary to hire a professional plumbing company that can assist you in installing the garburator correctly and efficiently.

There Might Be Some Odour

Garburators usually do not produce any kind of smell or odour. However, if you do not properly maintain them and rinse them periodically, they can emit smells from rotting food that might build up inside. Therefore it is important to maintain your garburators in good condition so that it does not produce any kind of smell or inconvenience for you in the kitchen.

Final Words

We can see that the pros outweigh the cons in the details mentioned above. Installing a garburator in your kitchen can significantly reduce waste and help you conveniently maintain your kitchen. It protects your kitchen drains and reduces the stress you feel when cleaning your kitchen. However, you need to hire a professional plumbing company that can correctly install the garburator.

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