Common Reasons Your Faucet May Be Leaking

September 15, 2022


One of the most common and annoying household problems is a leaking faucet. Just like many others, to you, it might also seem like nothing more than a nuisance that keeps you awake at night. But in reality, a dripping faucet can lead to high water bills and even flood if left untreated.

So if you have a leaky faucet, call a certified residential plumber and get it fixed immediately because if left untreated, its consequences can range from annoying to catastrophic.

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A leaky faucet wastes a lot of water. For instance, if your faucet drips six drops a minute, it will lose 1200 liters of water annually, which makes it equivalent to seven bathtubs. So apart from drain clogs and water stains, a leaky faucet is also harmful to the environment.

Many homeowners will try to fix a leaky faucet themselves, but we advise that you hire certified residential plumbers as, without proper knowledge, you might escalate the problem rather than fix it.

Also, if you know what is behind a leaking faucet, you might be able to avoid this problem. In this blog post, we will outline the common reasons your faucets may be leaking.

Strong Water Pressure

Typically the water pressure is set by the municipality utility supplier. In most regions, an 80psi pressure reading is considered perfect, so if it gets close to 100 psi, you will start noticing issues with your plumbing system.

Though many of us enjoy high water pressure, it is still one of the most common causes of a leaky tap. If the water pressure is too strong, it can mess with the water flow in your pipes. Moreover, the water will not be able to flow smoothly from its destination and will create a backup, and ultimately all of the excess water will start leaking out of your faucets.

Issues with your plumbing, such as cracks in the fittings or pipes, will also alter your water pressure, so make sure to check the area under your sink periodically.

Also, excessive water pressure will create a water hammer, which is used to describe the loud thumping that occurs when excessive water hits a valve. Apart from just irritating sounds, this situation can be very disruptive to your plumbing system. Hence it is advisable to get it checked by professional residential plumbers to avoid future problems.

Some people will try to fix water pressure issues themselves. Still, it can be difficult to fix if you don’t have the expertise, so it’s best to call a certified plumber and get your water pressure issues fixed immediately.

Broken Parts

Sometimes people will try to stop the leak by turning the faucet knobs tighter, but this only causes more damage to the valve washer and set as you are not tightening the knobs but are grating them together.

Most faucet leaks can be fixed by just simply removing the faucet and installing a new washer at the end of the spindle.

However, sometimes a valve seat can be so worn out that even a new washer will not be able to form a tight seal. The valve seat can also become corroded due to mineral build-ups and other contaminated particles in your water. To fix this issue, you will need to hire a certified residential plumber for reliable water leak repair services.

If your home has a washerless faucet, the repair method will be a bit different and complex, so you will need the help of a certified plumber to fix your leaky washerless faucets.

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