Common Signs Of Poor Plumbing

March 31, 2022

Common Signs Of Poor Plumbing

Buying a new home or living in an existing one requires checking that everything is kept in working condition. Apart from making sure that the home is in perfect condition, it is also necessary to check if the plumbing system is healthy or not. A poor plumbing system can be a big headache for you, and hiring the wrong plumbing company can further add to your inconvenience.

However, in such situations, we call any plumber we come across and don’t realize that they might make the situation worse for us. A poor plumbing system in a building can become a source of diseases for the residents. Hazardous materials can mix with the water, leading to the damage of the other parts of the home.

Therefore, taking action timely is necessary to avoid any further damage. This blog post helps you tell the signs of a poor plumbing system.

Indoor Leaks

One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning plumbing system is indoor leaks. Most of the time, people hire plumbing companies for maintenance services to address their water leak problems.

These leaks can lead to further damaging problems in your home that might be too costly for you to repair at that time. Therefore, you must address small or big leaks as soon as you notice them. You must be wary of pitted fixtures, any dark spots in the cabinets, or streaks below a faucet.

Leaks in the plumbing system create an ideal atmosphere for molds to develop, leading to a major problem for people with asthma and other allergies. Therefore, it is better to hire a plumbing company as soon as you notice any type of leak in your home.

Clogged Drains

Another common problem is clogged drains. Clogged drains can happen when something is obstructing the water flow in your sinks, toilets, bathtubs, or other parts.

This blockage can lead to a smell that comes from the blocked drain and can be the cause of biological growth spreading throughout your plumbing system instead of being flushed away. You can spot a clogged drain if the water in your shower is draining away slowly or if food particles or other residues are accumulating above the drain.

Dodging such problems can lead to further damage to your pipes. Moreover, these small issues can further develop into bigger plumbing problems. So call a professional plumbing company in your area to come and fix your clogged drains.

Rusty Water

This is a common sign of a poor or deteriorating plumbing system. We might see that the hot water coming out of your faucet is rusty or has an orange color. This is because the pipe has gotten old and has developed rust over time.

Also, there might be a problematic water heater in your home, and its tank might have corroded. Whatever it is, the rust causes the color of the water to change, and therefore, the water is not healthy for you anymore. Therefore, it becomes necessary for you to call a plumber so that they can fix your water heater tank or pipes or replace them with new ones.

Low Water Pressure

This is also a very common issue, especially in older homes. Low water pressure can either be due to a blockage in your pipes or some other causes which are hard to determine. Low water pressure can also be caused by a leak in your plumbing system, a clog somewhere in your pipes, or poorly sized pipes that cannot give you the required water pressure. So ask your plumber to check your plumbing system so you can have the optimal water pressure in your faucets, taps, and showers.

What To Do In Case Of A Bad Plumbing Systems

Hiring a professional plumber will solve all of your issues related to your plumbing system. Make sure you hire a professional plumber who can assist you in finding the problems and suggesting the best possible solutions.

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