4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Kitchen’s Garburator

May 7, 2022

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Kitchen’s Garburator

A garburator is an important part of your kitchen as it keeps your sink and pipes clean. So if problems arise with your garburator then these problems will affect your pipes and will make washing dishes difficult.

While there are some garburator problems that can be fixed easily, some may require a full replacement.

So if your garburator is having problems call a certified residential plumber and get it fixed right away.

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Appliances are machines so they don’t last forever and need to be repaired or replaced over time. But sometimes it can become hard to detect whether they need repair or replacement so the best way to find out is by hiring a certified residential plumber.

There are some distinct signs that you can look for as an indication that it’s time to replace your garburator.

In this blog post, we will outline the top 4 signs that you may need to replace your garburator

Abnormal Noises

If ever by mistake a piece of silverware slips into your garburator unnoticed, then it will make loud noises.

So when you start hearing noises, especially metal-sounding noise, use a flashlight to check for any piece of silverware in your garburator. Do not use your hands to maneuver inside the garburator, this is highly dangerous.

But if you don’t see anything blocking the blades then the garburators component might be misaligned and due to that you might be hearing the grinding noise from your garburator.

In most cases, you just need to do a quick adjustment of the components and it will resolve the problem but in some cases, you will need to hire a certified residential plumber to fix your garburator because if not fixed on time it can damage the motor of your garburator.

Persistent Odours

Garbage disposal odours can be very unpleasant as they stem from the breakdown of wet food.

However, most of this odour can be tackled by thorough cleaning and rinsing of your garburator.

But if cleaning and rising do not help to eliminate the smell then you will need the help of a professional plumber.

A certified professional plumber will take the garburator apart to find and remove all the trapped particles that could be causing the unpleasant odour.

Also, it is important to note that you should never resort to chemical cleaners when working with your garburator. Drain cleaners can be very harsh on your plumbing appliances and all of these solvents can often damage the blades and other components of your garburator.

So if there are unpleasant odours coming from your garburator call a certified residential plumber to get the problem fixed.

It Clogs Frequently

Everyone knows that they should wash food particles down the drain in small amounts in order to avoid clogging the garburator.

But if you start noticing that no matter how small the particles are they always seem to block the garburator then the problem is not with the size of the food particles but with the garburator.

In some cases, the clogs might be an indication that you simply need a higher capacity garburator while in other scenarios these clogs might be an indication that your garburator is malfunctioning.

Water Leaks

There are some water leaks such as those in dishwasher lines or drains that have simple fixes like replacing the O-rings or tightening connections while there are some leaks that are more complicated and costly.

If your sink flange or other parts of the garburator are leaking then it will be more cost-efficient to change the whole garburator rather than repair it.

To fix water leaks you should hire a professional residential plumber, as they are experienced and have the right tools to fix such problems.

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