What Are The Three Stages Of New Plumbing Installations?

April 28, 2022

What Are The Three Stages Of New Plumbing Installations?

Plumbing issues arise every now and then. Some of them can be repaired quickly while others may require the replacement of broken parts or fixtures, replacing them with new ones.

If you are building your new home or any other type of establishment, you will have to install plumbing fixtures. Whether it is a new construction or renovation, there are some stages through which you will have to go through before you can complete any plumbing process.

You might think that these stages are the duties of a construction company. However, these stages are also necessary for a plumbing company that has two to begin the process of a new plumbing installation in any new home construction, renovation, or basement development.

A new plumbing process can go smoothly as long as the initial steps are followed. These steps lay the foundation for the new plumbing installations. Therefore, following those processes is necessary to avoid problems later on. Continue reading this blog to find out the three stages of a new plumbing installation, which are important before any plumbing installation.

The First Stage Is The Underground Rough-in Phase

Before you begin any new plumbing installation process, it is necessary to lay a stronger foundation for the new plumbing fixtures. All residential and commercial properties need to have all the walls and set a basement that acts as a solid foundation for a plumbing system.

When the basement is a solid foundation, the groundwork progresses. The groundwork is then installed, inspected, and buried. Once that is completed the plumber will then locate all the supply and waste connections to the public utilities during this phase. He will then establish where the systems will enter or leave the building.

This means that all of the plumbing systems that are connected to the public utilities, such as drains, will be hooked up to the main service. Moreover, any basement bathrooms for future use will be installed at this stage. Also, the underground rough-in phase consists of the main water line where the meter will be eventually placed.

The Second Step Is The Above Ground Rough-in Phase

Also called top out or stack out, this phase includes the process of installing all of your drains and vent pipes along with the water lines. Such connections are important to be installed for the toilet showers, bathtubs, and other utilities that need drainage.

The above process can become quite messy as it begins because it involves cutting holes in the walls, ceilings, and floors. It also involves welding tools to join pipe runs. Therefore, make sure you hire a professional plumbing company that can conduct this process professionally and clears all the mess after finishing the process. Also, your plumber must make sure that everything is tested before the walls are closed up.

The Third Process Is The Finishing Phase

Once everything is connected and installed to all of the running fixtures in your home, it is time to install fixtures such as sinks, showers, toilet appliances, water purification, water heater, dishwasher, etc. This process also involves setting up the five places and other gas appliances. Your commercial plumber will check for all leaks on the fixtures and appliances and ensure that they will work correctly upon usage.

The Bottom Line

Installing a new plumbing system requires you to follow the initial processes. Without it, you will be laying a weak foundation for your new plumbing fixtures. All it takes is plenty of technical skills and plumbing knowledge to make sure everything meets your expectations.

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