Common Plumbing Myths — Busted

November 24, 2022


Your plumbing system may appear straightforward from the outside, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover a complex network of pipes and fixtures that are all susceptible to serious problems. Understandably, certain myths about the inner workings of plumbing systems have emerged as plumbing systems are frequently obscure to homeowners.

Commonly held myths about plumbing can lead to new problems or make existing ones worse, which can lead to water leaks, fixture damage, or expensive expert repairs. These are some of the most prevalent fallacies about plumbing that are being circulated. However, if you ever face a plumbing problem, you are advised to call a certified plumbing contractor.

Here’s how to keep your plumbing system safe from these common plumbing myths:

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Drain Cleaners Are Safe and Effective

Drain cleaning may seem straightforward and fairly easy, but it requires a fair amount of focus and accuracy. As drain cleaners are offered in stores, it’s easy to think that they are reliable and safe, but they can actually be highly harmful. These drain openers frequently come with harmful substances that corrode your pipes. Moreover, they may seriously harm you if you breathe in the fumes, splash them on your skin, or get them in your eyes.

Additionally, drain cleaners don’t always function very effectively. This can prompt you to try other techniques, such as utilize more drain-cleaning chemicals, the combination of which might result in a dangerous chemical reaction. The drain opener might splatter on you if you use a plunger after pouring it down the drain.

Garbage Disposal Blades Can Be Sharpened Using Ice Cubes

It’s difficult to comprehend how ice might sharpen the “blades” of a garbage disposal, yet this myth has persisted for some reason. Maybe that’s because ice cubes have been suggested as a disposal cleaner. Garbage disposals use two impellers that resemble teeth and ground particles into a liquid as the machine rotates.

Ice cubes and a light solution of water and vinegar both work well for cleaning, but neither will help you sharpen your impellers.

Minor Leaks Should Not Be Worried About

You might not be concerned if there is only a slight trickle coming from your sink. However, as leaks accumulate, gallons of water over time will be lost. The leaking faucet may worsen, which might lead to greater damage and water waste. In order to stop further damage, a plumbing leak should be fixed as soon as you notice it.

Grease Is Melted By Hot Water To Prevent Clogs

Correct, grease melts in hot water and is flushed down the drain. The molten grease, however, cools, hardens, and ultimately builds up as it enters the pipes. Food particles, lint, and hair are drawn to the grease and eventually plug the pipe. Even a house snake will have a hard time getting to these clogs as they are often far down the drain.

You will have to hire a professional to clear the line. On the other hand, cold water will harden the oil before it enters the sewage system, allowing it to float all the way to the public sewer. Cold water also helps cool garbage disposal motors, extending its lifespan.

Flushable Wipes Are Flushable

Despite particular branding, certain flushable wipes, such as baby wipes, are not intended for flushing down the toilet. In fact, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, and so-called “flushable” wipes are some of the most common culprits for drain obstruction. These items just don’t degrade the same way toilet paper does. Even if something appears to be flushable, it is always advisable to carefully read the label for any particular disposal instructions.

Avoid flushing sanitary products, wipes, paper towels, wads of tissues, and toothbrushes. The things we’ve seen will surprise you!

A Wire Hanger Can Be Used In Place Of A Plumbing Snake

It may seem appealing to use an unfolded wire hanger as a drain snake, but this is not a smart decision. A wire hanger can harm your pipes from the inside, generating extra build-up and making your situation worse. A genuine plumbing snake is made exclusively for clearing pipe clogs.

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