The Cons Of DIY Plumbing

April 27, 2023

The Cons Of DIY Plumbing

The best quote that comes from Popular Mechanics is that: “Some DIY tasks are more enjoyable and rewarding if you just jump in and pick things up as you go. Besides that, there is plumbing.”

Plumbing is one task that is best left to the plumbing experts rather than doing things like making a spice rack, changing the lock on your front door, or replacing old curtain hardware.

Do-It-Yourself plumbing repairs can readily fail if you omit one step, resulting in a cost that is significantly more than it would have been if you had just called a professional and licensed plumbing company first.

Calling them isn’t just for financial reasons, though. This blog offers several reasons why calling them is highly beneficial.

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Because we are humans, we can forget to do things, beginning a plumbing project, for instance, by turning off the water. What started as a steady drip eventually became a gusher.

Even worse, there are instances where homeowners discover that a valve has corroded shut and decide to push it open with a wrench and a lot of torque, only for the valve to shatter.

Nobody wants to have to spend their entire day mopping up a flooded house. Hence it is best to leave all plumbing repairs to the professionals.

Pipe Bursts Or Breaks

If something is stuck or immobile do not try to hit it loose. We’ve witnessed DIY projects that severely damaged pipes, sometimes due to a mistake and other times due to improperly joined or soldered components. Water pressure can quickly and startlingly expose weaknesses in this technique.

Faulty Repairs

If you don’t know what you’re doing, making a plumbing repair go awry is simple. Even a minor error, such as using the incorrect washer size or type, results in an unsuccessful fix. As a result, more trial and error, more work, and further repairs follow.

In addition to plumbing and water systems, some repairs, such as those for your dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine, may also require dealing with electrical, gas connections, and other issues. If you get it wrong, you can be putting yourself in danger of starting a blaze or worse.


The worst irony of all is that most people who perform their own plumbing repairs do so to cut costs, only to discover that doing so really ends up losing them a lot of money down the road.

With a screwdriver, a washer, and a little elbow grease, you can complete some repairs quickly and easily, but many others call for specialized equipment, supplies, and expertise. You discover that your “cheap” DIY project was anything but after spending the time to learn the skills and the cost of tools and materials you had to bear.

Plumbing Codes

You must not only use the appropriate tools and materials for the work, but also need to be aware of the many plumbing codes that apply. Plumbing codes describe the procedures you must follow to guard against failure or damage during the plumbing procedure.

It is simple to inadvertently break these plumbing codes when performing plumbing alone using a DIY method. It could involve poor pipe installation, inappropriate venting, or other problems.

On the other hand, competent plumbing services will be familiar with all applicable plumbing regulations and adhere to them throughout the project to guarantee a positive outcome.


Although plumbing might not seem like the most dangerous job, you can injure yourself due to water pressure, temperature, and confined spaces. The following is a list of the five most frequent plumbing repair injuries:

  • Severe burns
  • Eye damage
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Electric jolts
  • Exposure to biohazards

Working with a specialist will help you to avoid going to the emergency department.

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