Top Steps To Detect The Root Cause Of Bad Water Smell

October 13, 2022


Bad water smell is a common plumbing problem faced by many homeowners. Though many people face it, they are still not aware of what causes this problem.

Living in a house full of foul water smells is hazardous for your health and a big nuisance that can’t be taken lightly.

Most people tend to overlook bad water smells until they become unavoidable and take over their whole house. So if you don’t want your house to smell like a garbage can, call a certified plumbing contractor as soon as you smell something fishy while running water.

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No one wants to live in a house where the water smells bad. Since our day-to-day task heavily involves clean water, we humans can’t function without it.

If the water running through your taps has a foul odour, you won’t be able to use it for drinking, cleaning, and other house chores. So to avoid such situations, you must take good care of your house plumbing and drain line.

There are many reasons why your water can smell bad. This blog post will list some steps to help you detect the root cause of the bad water smell.

Does The Water Itself Smell Bad?

The first thing that you will need to figure out is whether the water itself smells bad or not. Sometimes, when you run a tap, foul smells may come out of it, and you may be able to conclude that the water is smelling bad. However, there is a high chance that the smell might be coming from the drain lines.

Here are some steps that you can follow to find out if the water actually smells terrible or not:

  • Pour some tap water into a glass.
  • Swirl the water and smell it.
  • If a foul smell comes from the water, the problem is with your water, but if there isn’t any smell, then the problem is with your drains.

With the aforementioned steps, you can determine if the problem is with your water or drain lines. Once you know the actual problem, you will be able to solve it easily.

Is The Bad Smell Coming From All Sinks?

Next, you will need to determine whether the water smell is coming from all sinks or just one. In order to fix a problem, you first need to determine its root cause; once you know the root cause, you can easily fix any type of problem.

Once you have determined the smell is coming from the water, the next thing you need to detect is whether this smell is coming from all sinks or just one.

If the smell is coming from just one faucet, then it means that the problem is with the faucet; try cleaning the aerator, as it might solve the problem. But if the smell persists, there might be a major problem with the plumbing or draining system.

If the smell is coming from all faucets, you will have to check with your water supplier, but if the odour is coming from just one or two taps, you will have to call a certified drain cleaner and get your drains checked.

Different Types Of Water Smells

Here are some of the most common water smells that might be coming from your water:

Chlorine Smell

If a faint chlorine smell is coming from your water, then it is not a cause for concern. Chlorine is used to treat water, so sometimes, a faint bleach-like smell may stay in the water due to this process.

If you use a public water supply, there is a high chance that a faint chlorine smell will come from your water.

Gasoline Smell

If your water smells like gas or any other chemical, you should immediately stop using it because the smell hints that the water or the underground tank is contaminated by something.

Rotten Egg Smell

Rotten egg smells come from your water due to some kind of bacteria in the system. However, although it is not harmful to use such water, it is best to consult a professional plumbing contractor.

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