Common Do’s And Don’ts Of Using A Garburator

September 22, 2022


Garburators, commonly known as garbage disposals, are a vital kitchen component of every household. They are used to shred pieces of food into smaller pieces so that they do not clog the drain pipes.

If you live in an area where garbage pickups happen weekly or bi-monthly, then having a garbage disposal is a must for you.

Garburators are attached under a sink, and their job is to shred any leftover food into smaller pieces so that when they go down the pipes, they don’t clog your house’s plumbing system.

Since garburators are machines, they can also run into problems like any other kitchen appliance. Thus, if you ever face a problem with your garburator, you should call a certified plumbing contractor.

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There are some common garbage disposal mistakes that can be avoided by regular garburator maintenance and inspection.

Like every other machine, there are some common do’s and don’ts of using a garburator.

If you would like to learn about the do’s and don’ts of a garburator, then keep on reading. In this blog post, we will outline the common do’s and don’ts of using a garbage disposal.

Do’s Of Using A Garburator

Here are some common do’s of using garbage disposal that you should be aware of:

Keep It Clean

You should always keep your garbage disposal clean at all times. A common mistake most people make is that they don’t clean their garburator after using it, which ultimately leads to bigger problems.

When you don’t clean your garburator after shredding huge chunks of leftovers, the residue of leftover foods causes a bad odour and, in worst cases, even clogs the garburator.

Therefore, in order to avoid such problems, make a rule of always cleaning the garburator after using it, this way your garbage disposal will be spick and span at all times, and you will not face any problems with its efficiency.

Cut Down Large Chunks Of Food

Another important thing you should always keep in mind when using a garburator is to cut down the large pieces of food into smaller pieces before putting them in the garbage disposal.

Now you might think that this is the job of the garburator so why should you cut large pieces of food into smaller ones?

The truth is that it is the job of the garburator to shred the food chunks, but putting really large pieces of food in the garburator will increase the chances of clogs and can even damage the blades.

You don’t have to cut down the food into small, itty bitty pieces but you need to cut down really large pieces of food into small chunks so that the garburator can easily shred them into tiny pieces.

Don’ts Of Using A Garburator

Here are some common don’ts of using a garburator that will help you keep your garbage disposal in pristine condition:

Never Try To Sharpen The Blades

You should never try to sharpen the blades of your garburator. Many people think that by sharpening the blades of their garburator, they will be able to make it more efficient. But they don’t realize that by sharpening the blades, they are actually damaging the blades of their garbage disposal.

The blades of your garburator are blunt, so there’s no point in sharpening them with eggshells or ice; using these items will only damage your garburator and might lead to major problems.

If you ever face problems with the blades of your garburator, don’t try to sharpen them yourself. Instead, call a certified plumbing contractor and get professional garburator repair services.

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals

Another common mistake that most people make is that they use harsh chemicals to clean their garburators. What they don’t realize is that the chemical, instead of cleaning their garburators, is damaging its components. So make sure never to use harmful cleaning chemicals to clean your garburators.

The best way to maintain your garburator is by getting professional garburator maintenance services from a certified plumbing company.

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