The Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Plumbing Mistakes

August 18, 2022


The kitchen is the most critical area of a home when it comes to proper functioning and cleanliness. Any problems in the kitchen environment, fixtures, and other components can have a direct impact on the health of your family.

Hence, bringing any change in the structure and setting of your kitchen is crucial. Kitchen remodeling projects are stressful and can get even more stressful when mistakes are made.

However, the following blog is designed to provide a helpful guide for you to understand the most common kitchen remodeling problems to help you avoid them.

Not Picking A Sink First

One of the easiest mistakes to commit as well as avoid is to think about your sink first. This may seem like a simple thing, but you would be surprised to know how many plumbing mistakes occur when the sink was not selected before the kitchen remodel started.

When it comes to fitting a sink, it may come out to be of the wrong size or may not fit the pipe locations. So, when you choose your sink first instead of focusing on the cabinets, it allows the plumbing contractor and plumber to work better and make sure the pipes are fixed in the right places.

Mismatching Pipes

When pipes are not rightly sized and they do not match they start corroding and leaking. This will in return start damaging the structure of your kitchen. Fortunately, different pipes can be fixed together but for that, you need a plumbing expert with immense knowledge and quality fixtures.

Also, you should make sure that the fixtures are compatible with the pipes to avoid low water pressure. If you are not familiar with fixtures and pipes no need to feel bad, professionals know their job and can guide you the best.

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The Sink Is Not Vented

Another common mistake that people make when remodeling their kitchens is that the plumbing vents are not fixed according to the new settings. There are chances that you may miss the installation of your plumbing vents completely when installing a new sink or other appliances. Plumbing vents allow for the safe escape of air and sewer gas from your home. Moreover, plumbing vents allow oxygen to enter the pipes and break down waste to maintain the right plumbing pressure.

If you don’t install plumbing vents during your kitchen’s remodeling, you will be exposing yourself to harmful fumes and gases. Almost all building codes now require the installation of plumbing vents.

Remembering The Flooring Late

Finally, the flooring is usually left behind for the last part of the project, which is nothing but just a recipe for a disaster. You will find that the flooring is placed around and over the fixtures instead of under them because the owner decided to have the flooring done when everything else was completed. You will find the plumbing renovation experts guiding you to first install the flooring and then get the fixtures placed.

Moreover, if you ever want your dishwasher to get fixed, your plumber will find it difficult to repair it because of the disrupting flooring. Therefore, always get your flooring installed as a first step in your kitchen remodeling project.

Request Professional Plumbing Renovation Services

Please note that the above-mentioned mistakes are all avoidable. If you already have a kitchen remodeling project started, the wisest decision would be to call a reputable plumbing contractor to help you out. While pipes and fixtures can be installed by novices as well, they will cause more problems than the new ease that you aim to get from your time-consuming remodeling project.

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