Common Plumbing Issues In Summer

August 25, 2022


Plumbing problems are bound to happen, whether it is winter or summer. Many people might believe that winter leads to more plumbing problems. However, summer can also be equally challenging for plumbing problems that need immediate care and attention.

Toilet systems can experience problems that a simple plunger can’t fix. Hiring a professional plumbing company to fix plumbing issues that might arise in the summer becomes necessary in many cases.

As the seasons change, so does your plumbing system. Each season brings a unique set of plumbing problems that you have to deal with. Continue reading to find out some of the common plumbing issues you might face in the summer.

Clogged Disposal

Summer might be a good time for cook-outs, grilling, and enjoying fresh summer fruits and vegetables. However, throwing peels and leftovers down the disposal and garburator can lead to bigger problems. Fruit, stones, meat, grease, and melon rinds will block your disposal and force the dirty water back into the sink. This can give quite an untidy appearance. Therefore, working on your clogged drain and hiring a professional plumbing company to remove the blockages from the drain is necessary to make sure that the water drains down properly. You must also take care of garbage disposals and not throw any material in them that can cause blockages.

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Sprinkler Issues

As summer arrives, there is more traffic on lawns, and lawn mowers are used more frequently. Hence, sprinklers in the garden become more prone to damage. Therefore, you must be aware of your sprinklers and check if they’re in a good condition before using them to avoid any significant damage.

Flooding Basements

You might look forward to a mid-day thunderstorm in the summer. However, summer thunderstorms can come with short bursts of torrential downpour. You might have heard about sump pump repair if you have a cellar or a basement prone to flooding. Heavy rain in the summer can cause unexpected downpours, which can quickly turn into a flooding problem.

Therefore, you must ensure that your sump pump is working in good condition right after winter because you might not need a sump pump in the winter. However, after winter, you must conduct maintenance and proper inspection to avoid flooding in your basement.

Poor Draining Showers

During winter, people often do not pay attention to their plumbing issues and keep using them without maintenance. However, as summer arrives, these plumbing issues become more apparent as you use taps, showers, or similar items more.

Also, after taking a trip to the beach, you hit the shower. Sand and tiny bits of debris can become a common culprit of slow draining showers. If you think your shower is not working correctly and not providing you with sufficient water, it is time to do some plumbing repairs and replace the shower.


Apart from the problems mentioned above, backup disposal problems, washing machine problems, and other similar issues are quite common in the summer. Therefore, you need to conduct proper maintenance and inspections ahead of time to avoid any potential damages to your plumbing system.

We hope the above guide will help you look out for some of the common summer plumbing problems you may face and what you can do to fix them. If you are experiencing any kind of plumbing issue which you think you cannot handle on your own, it is better to hire a professional plumbing company that can assist you in resolving such issues then attempt to solve them on your own.

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