Top 6 Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

February 2, 2023


Has your furnace been acting up? It can be helpful to know some of the most common signs that indicate that there is something wrong with your furnace. Hiring a professional furnace repair company in Calgary can help you get your furnace back up and running.

This blog highlights the top 6 signs that show that you must hire professional furnace repair services.

Yellow Flame

The colour of the furnace’s flame is a good indicator of its overall performance. A blue flame means the furnace is working properly, but if there is a yellow flame in the furnace, it means the temperature of the flame is lower than expected.

It is also important to note that a yellowish or orange-coloured flame can also be an indicator that your furnace system is leaking carbon monoxide. In such a situation, you must call furnace repair services in Calgary immediately to get the furnace fixed by professionals. Otherwise, carbon monoxide leaks can be highly injurious to your health and cause fire hazards.

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Furnace Fan Keeps Running

A common problem associated with various types of furnaces is that their fans might keep running. This type of issue can occur due to human error or mechanical failure. Whatever the root cause of the issue might be, you would not want your furnace to keep running uncontrollably for a long period of time. Therefore, you should call experienced furnace repair technicians to deal with this issue.

Carbon Monoxide Is Detected

If carbon monoxide is detected in your home, you should take it very seriously. Such leaks can be highly harmful to the entire house as well as the people living in it. A carbon monoxide detector typically goes off when it detects the gas, but it can also happen when the furnace system is facing other issues.

It is not possible to identify and fix the root cause without proper experience and training in dealing with furnaces, so you must hire professional furnace repair technicians in Calgary to do it.

Lack Of Warm Air

The entire purpose of a furnace system is to warm up the house by providing warm air. Therefore, if it is not providing warm air, it means that your furnace is malfunctioning, and you need to call professional repair services.

Such issues can happen due to damaged pilot lights or burned-out burners. Professional furnace technicians have plenty of experience in dealing with such issues, and can easily implement the best solution to restore your furnace to its optimum performance.

Too Much Dust In Your Home

Having too much dust in your house might not seem like a sign of a furnace malfunction to many people, but it can definitely be one of the reasons. Over time, the efficiency of your furnace decreases, and has to work much harder to ensure high performance.

However, this can result in a large amount of dust being accumulated on different surfaces in your house. This can be due to the clogged air filter of your furnace. You might want to try to clear the filter yourself, but it is much better to call professional furnace technicians to thoroughly inspect the furnace and apply suitable solutions.


One of the most common problems related to a malfunctioning furnace is the smell of rotten eggs. This happens as most gas companies add certain chemicals to natural gas to give it a distinct smell.

If your house is emitting such a smell, you should get an alert that there is potentially a gas leak in your house. Hire professional furnace repair services in Calgary to repair the furnace and get rid of the smell for good.

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