Signs That Indicate That You Need To Replace Your Old Boiler

January 5, 2023


Like every other appliance in your home, your boiler will also need to be replaced after some time. But how do you know when it is time to replace your boiler? Your boiler will give you various signs to indicate that it’s time for a replacement before it gives up. Boilers are the least appreciated appliance in your house. It is often ignored despite its tireless work to give you a warm and comfortable home.

However, as time passes, your boiler will start to wear out, become less efficient, and less reliable, increasing its chances of repair. When your boiler starts to ask too often for more repairs and becomes less efficient, you should consider replacing it. Some signs that indicate your boiler is becoming old and needs to be replaced by a trustworthy plumbing contractor are mentioned below.

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Your Boiler Is About to Exceed Its Lifespan

On average, boilers last for almost 15 years. Likewise, boilers made of cast iron can last for twenty to thirty years or more. At the same time, proper maintenance can increase its lifespan. If not maintained properly, your boiler may require major mechanical repairs and or even cause the boiler to break down.

Decreased efficiency and reliability are some of the major signs that indicate that you need to replace your boiler. The installation of a new system will give you the peace of mind that you won’t have to experience a cold shower on a cold winter day. Moreover, a new system will also help to cut off the cost of high fuel bills and repair costs.

Your Boiler Requires Frequent Repairs

A new heating system is never an unimportant investment. But sometimes, when boiler repair expenses exceed that of regular maintenance costs, then replacement becomes necessary. If your previous year’s repair bills have gone beyond 50% of the cost of a new boiler, then you should seriously consider replacing your boiler.

Boiler Replacement Parts Become Difficult To Source

Once your boiler has become old, its necessary repair parts may become more and more difficult to maintain. This sign indicates that your boiler requires replacement. Trying to maintain your old boiler will increase the amount you will have to pay to the contractor as the parts required to repair it will be difficult to obtain. Not replacing your outdated boiler will also add additional cost to your utility bills due to the boiler’s decreasing efficiency.

Your Fuel Bills Are Increasing

Noticing an increase in your fuel bills can usually mean one of two things. The first may be due to your energy supplier increasing the price, or your boiler’s inefficiency may be costing you extra money to heat up your home. Old boilers work harder to provide you with the required heat, causing an exponential increase in your monthly utility bills. Upgrading your boiler to a new and modern one can save you up to 30 percent.

The Boiler Takes Too Long To Heat Up

If your boiler is taking a long time to heat up or is taking more time to make your house comfortable and warm, this may be a sign that you should consider replacing your boiler.

Your House Doesn’t Feel Warm

Another reason to replace your boiler is that you may not feel warm enough. If your boiler is taking a long time to come into action and provide a warm environment, it may be time for you to contact a contractor to replace your boiler.

Your Water Isn’t Hot Enough

If your domestic water supply is heated by your boiler and you are not getting enough warm water to have a comfortable bath or shower, it’s probably time for you to call your contractor.

Your Boiler Is Making Unusual Sounds

You are aware of the smooth sounds of your car and may immediately notice when it makes an unusual sound that may indicate a problem. Similarly, you should be familiar with the usual sound of your boiler and be able to tell if its sounds are not normal. If you hear any unusual sounds from your boiler, then you may need to contact a contractor to check your boiler and make any necessary repairs or have it replaced.

There Is A Strange Smell

Although carbon monoxide is odourless when your boiler does not work properly, it may give you an odd smell with carbon monoxide. If you smell an odd smell coming from your boiler, immediately leave the house and call the fire department. Carbon monoxide is a fatal gas, so take the necessary precautions and leave your house. Once notified that things are safe, get your boiler immediately checked by your contractor.

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