Five Vital Plumbing Tips For The Winter

April 6, 2023


Your pipes are much more likely to freeze and rupture when the temperature drops. Winter is a lovely season, but it’s also a time when homeowners need to be aware of the different plumbing problems that can occur. The likelihood of frozen pipes increases significantly as the temperature drops.

Long-term plumbing problems can arise from a wide range of frozen pipe problems. However, there are other problems as well. Other typical cold-weather plumbing problems include energy waste, broken water heaters, and improper insulation.

Again, every homeowner must be equipped to handle common plumbing issues that can arise throughout the winter. If you cannot repair it, always consider calling a licensed plumbing contractor. Here are five tips on how you can prepare and protect your pipes from the cold.

Cut Off Your Exterior Hose

When temps drop below freezing, your outdoor hose sometimes suffers first. Disconnecting and storing your outdoor hoses is one of the most crucial recommendations for preventing your pipes from freezing.

Finish this chore in advance to ensure that your hose is securely stored before the first cold front arrives. During the cold temperatures, it’s also a good idea to find and turn off the shutoff valves for outside faucets.

If you are having some trouble with your outside valves, consider hiring reputable plumbing contractors to help you with them.

Are Your Pipes Frozen Or About To Burst?

Watch out for these warning signs:

Leaks or wet walls: Keep a close eye on your walls. Your drywall will become wet if there is a pipe leak. Other warning signs that water is present where it shouldn’t include rings on the ceiling and a moist carpet. Call the professionals as soon as you spot any cautionary indicators to prevent more severe water damage.

Plumbing problems that never go away: Do you turn on your faucet only to discover that the well is dry? After a few minutes, it’s also possible that the water may be flowing unevenly or slowly. In the end, this can signify that a pipe is frozen.

Frost: This might be the most unambiguous indication! Your pipes are likely frozen or in the process of freezing if you happen to observe ice on their exterior.

Inspect Your House For Leaks

The fall is also the best season to check your home for plumbing problems. Note any low water pressure you see in your faucets and shower heads. If you spot any leaks, get in touch with a pro right away to have them rectified. Even small leaks over time can build up, wasting water and raising your utility costs.

The best course of action would be to acquire the help of a plumbing contractor to repair leaks in your house.

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Limit Your Energy Conservation

You might be tempted to turn off your heat if you anticipate traveling throughout the winter. However, prolonged heat loss might increase the likelihood of frozen and burst pipes.

If the problem goes unnoticed while you’re away from home for several days, weeks, or even months, the damage caused by damaged pipes may worsen. Keep your home’s temperature at no lower than 7°C to avoid this issue.

With this technique, you may avoid frozen pipes and make significant financial savings.

Look For Any Potential Clogging Issues In Your Sinks

Using your sink as a garbage disposal is not a brilliant idea. When temperatures dip, especially in the winter, oils and fats that are poured down the drain may freeze. This could clog your gutters and result in further problems. Make sure to properly dispose of grease, and keep your gutters open to keep your pipes prepared for the big chill.

The best way to tackle this dilemma is to call professional plumbing contractors.

Have Your Pipes Inspected

A professional can ensure that your pipes are in good operating order for the winter months if you have never had them tested. Insulating the pipes and repairing them if defective may also prevent your property from being damaged by bursting pipes. With this technique, you may avoid frozen pipes and make significant financial savings.

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