What Causes Recurring Leaks?

March 16, 2023


The most common plumbing problems include water leaks. Leaks not only waste water and damage your home but also promote the growth of bacteria. Leaks also result in the unwanted growth of harmful bacteria and increase your water bills. As most water pipes are not visible, it may become difficult to spot leaks. Understanding some everyday situations and causes of leaks can help you detect them earlier on so they can be fixed immediately with the help of professional plumbers. In this blog, we shall discuss some causes of recurring leaks so that you can get them fixed appropriately.

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Broken Seals

One of the significant factors contributing to water leaks is broken seals. Rubber sealants are installed during the installation of water pipelines to prevent leaks from happening in the channels. Continued water on the adhesives causes them to break down over time.

Commonly, broken seals near appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines are noted. Your sealant may be broken if you spot water puddles near your devices. You should consult with a professional plumber to identify and repair a broken seal.

Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion and decay are one of the main reasons for recurring water leaks. Rusting and discoloration are the most common types of pipe corrosion. Pipe decay mainly occurs with older plumbing systems. Galvanized steel pipes can last almost twenty years, while brass ones tend to last longer. If you notice any discoloration and decay in your pipes, you should consider investing in some new lines for your system. You should also call a professional plumber to detect leaks in your pipes so that they can notify you of any problems and repair them for you.

Excessive High Pressure

Water leaks are common problems caused by high pressure. Due to excessively high water pressure, your pipes can become strained, risking the possibility of a burst. A force of 60 psi is usually recommended for most water pipes.

Thus, you should ensure that your water pressure does not exceed this limit. If you fail to do so, you may have to face frequent water leak problems and require leak repair and detection services. Regular maintenance, including monitoring water pressure, is an essential factor that can help you reduce the costs you may have to spend on plumbing repairs.

Intruding Tree Roots

Water leaks occur both inside and outside of the home. Familiar sources of outside water or plumbing leaks are tree roots. When tree roots enter water pipelines, they cause moisture to seep into the yard, which results in skin holes or wet patches. These problems lead to a sudden decrease in water pressure that warns of water leaks. You should get a professional to check the problem if you notice any of these signs.

Moreover, you should be careful about all the trees near and around your home. If trees are located very close to your home, their roots can interfere with your water lines. You should regularly check and monitor the condition of your yard to detect any potential problems. Regular maintenance can help professionals to address any issues before they become extreme.

Loose Water Connectors

Loose water connectors are also one of the causes of water leaks. Hoses and pipes of appliances can easily get loosened during shifting, such as the hose of a washing machine, which may shake during its spin cycles. These problems result in water running from the supply line or forming puddles around the appliance.

If you notice that a loose water connector is causing a water leak, you should get it repaired immediately to prevent severe damage. Regular inspection of your appliances can help you identify minor issues so they can be fixed. You can ensure the safety of your home’s water supply by being proactive and vigilant.

Rapid Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes can cause pipes to crack, expand, or contract, which can lead to leaks. You should watch for signs such as slow draining or low water pressure to avoid extreme damage to your water pipelines.

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