What Is Commercial Plumbing?

December 23, 2021

What Is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing problems are difficult to deal with and can be a nightmare for businesses in Calgary. When you are running a business the last thing you want to deal with is a blocked drain, low water problems, and sewage problems.

All these problems cause inconvenience to your employees and clients and give a negative impression of your business. If the problems are severe they can also result in the closure of your premises and cost you a lot of business.

To tackle all these problems you will have to hire a commercial plumber. Though similar, a commercial plumber offers slightly different services than a residential plumber. Since they are skilled they know the common plumbing problems and know how to fix it quickly.

In this blog post, we will give you an overview of what commercial plumbing is.

What Does A Commercial Plumber Do?

Commercial plumbers are skilled and experienced specialists who repair, maintain, and install plumbing systems in commercial buildings and businesses.

They provide services to commercial establishments such as schools, hospitals, universities, restaurants, care homes, retail stores, manufacturing plants, and warehouses.

As compared to residential plumbers, commercial plumbers usually work on much bigger and complex plumbing projects. They follow building plans and designs while installing plumbing systems.

They also install water heating systems, fire sprinklers, and boiler systems in huge commercial buildings. While residential plumbers only have to deal with one or two stories, a commercial plumber has to work on multiple stories for office buildings and hotels.

Commercial plumbers also have to design commercial plumbing infrastructure that includes the pipework, boiler system, and waste sewage system.

The Basics Of Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbers serve all types and sizes of commercial locations from schools, universities, government buildings, and hotels to commercial offices and shopping centers. They are specifically trained to deal with all types of commercial buildings.

A commercial plumber keeps a business running smoothly by providing long-lasting commercial plumbing and maintenance services. Here are some of the services that a commercial plumber provides:

  • Blocked drain clearing
  • Burst pipes and water leaks
  • Thermostatic mixing valve inspection and testing
  • Hot water system maintenance
  • Fire sprinkler system construction
  • Water pressure problems
  • Grease trap cleaning
  • 24/7 emergency call-out services
  • Scheduled preventive maintenance
  • Gas repairs and installations
  • Water back-up
  • Sewer and stack replacement insurance work

The Differences Between Commercial And Residential Plumbers

There are many differences between a commercial and residential plumber. Here are some of the key differences:

Size And Complexity

One of the biggest differences between commercial and residential plumbers is the size and complexity of the work. Commercial plumbers have to work on huge and complex plumbing projects as compared to residential plumbers.

Commercial plumbers work on commercial premises such as universities, schools, shopping malls, and hospitals. All such buildings consist of numerous floors that have a multitude of interconnected plumbing systems and pipes. All of this makes commercial plumbing a complex job.

In addition to all this, the number of users also contributes to the complexity of commercial plumbing projects. As more people come in and out of commercial buildings the demand and usage become higher. All of this increases the chances of fixtures, pipes, and appliances getting worn out.


Most plumbers rely on specialist plumbing tools such as toilet augers, sink snakes, plungers, and pipe wrenches. But commercial plumbing projects are bigger in scale and therefore require a different set of tools.

Commercial plumbers use tool sets that include industrial wet and dry vacuum, tile saws, generators, and large drain cleaners. All these tools help them to carry out huge and complex plumbing projects.

Variety Of Problems

Residential plumbers usually face the same kind of common plumbing issue whereas commercial plumbers have to deal with a wider variety of unique plumbing problems.

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