What To Do If Your Water Heater Is Leaking

October 28, 2022


A leaky water heater is one of those possible issues that many homeowners overlook. People ignore it since the water heater is often placed in an area of the house that people don’t frequently visit.

We often only realize a problem with our water heater when it becomes painfully obvious that something is wrong. However it may be too late to save your home from extensive damage by that time. As professional plumbing contractors, we know that it can be very frustrating for homeowners to have problems with their water heaters all the time.

In this blog post, we will go over some of the preventative measures you can take to prevent your water heater from leaking.

Check To Make Sure It’s Your Water Heater That’s Leaking

Let’s dive deep and find the root cause of the issue. It is critical to determine if the moisture is a leak or just condensation. Condensation is not a problem. It implies that the water heater is very hot, yet the room in which it is located is quite chilly.

You can put this to the test by cleaning and drying your water heater. After that, carefully examine the exterior. Condensation is most prevalent when moisture spreads uniformly throughout the surface.

Next, check whether or not the leaking water is coming from a nearby appliance. This could be your AC or furnace leaking water. Make sure you examine the surroundings thoroughly.

Turn Off The Heater

Once you’ve determined that the water heater is leaking, turn off your water heater immediately and stop the water supply to the heater. Your water heater should not be connected to a power source.

Find your circuit breaker and turn the water heater switch off if you have an electric water heater. After you’ve switched off your water and power, you’ll be able to properly analyze the issue and trace the source of the leak.

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Find The Source Of The Water Leak

After turning off the water supply and power, it’s time to find out the source of the water and look for where the water is coming from. This will help you troubleshoot the problem and find possible solutions. Determine where the water is accumulating and clean it up.

The next day, if you observe a buildup of water in the same location, you now know where to begin troubleshooting your water heater leak. Another location with frequent leaks is the pressure relief valve, often called the t-P valve. Examine the valve and look for a leak.

Furthermore, the drain valve should be another thing that you inspect. This should be at the bottom of the tank and fully closed. If this is the source of your leaky water heater, it might just be a damaged washer within the valve that has to be replaced.

Contact A Professional Plumber

After a thorough inspection, if you are still unable to find the solution, it’s recommended that you contact a professional plumber water heater repair and installation company.

What Causes A Leaky Water Heater?

Here are some of the most common reasons for a leaky water heater.

Loose Drain Valve

A faulty drain valve is one of the most prevalent reasons for water heater leaks. If water appears to be leaking from the valve, tighten it with a wrench until it is closed, but do not overtighten it. A competent plumbing contractor will be able to repair your water heater immediately or advise you when it is time to replace it.

Unreasonable Pressure

A water heater tank can occasionally develop an excessive amount of pressure, which may result in leaks. This can occur if the water heater’s temperature is set too high or the tank’s water supply is delivered at a pressure that is too high.

Damaged Storage Tank

A glass-lined storage tank is used in the manufacturing of water heaters. Natural water minerals tend to calcify over time and leave deposits on the tank’s inside.

These may break the glass coating, allowing water to seep from your water heater. Water also expands when heated. This expansion puts stress on the heater’s glass lining, which might shatter over time.

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