Why You Need Professional Residential Plumbing Services This Winter

January 26, 2023


Low temperatures are an awakening call to many plumbing problems in Calgary. From a cracked pipe to a clogged drain, the potential plumbing problems that surface in winter are more than what you can name in one sitting. Every year, several homeowners complain about how much they have to spend on plumbing repairs. Yet, they still forget to plan for the upcoming winter of next year. We all hate it when our pipes freeze in winter. But are you taking the necessary steps to avoid frozen pipes?

Evidently, preventive plumbing maintenance is not a focal point for many people. However, this kind of negligence only results in substantial financial losses and aloof inconvenience. Who likes to wake up early in the morning to find the furnace not working or a gurgling kitchen drain?

As a longstanding plumbing contractor in Calgary, we recommend that you do not disregard the importance of winterizing your plumbing system, not when the holiday season is just around the corner. While all these inconveniences may be bearable by your family, your guests may not be as tolerable of a gurgling toilet or kitchen drain.

The last thing you want to hear as a Christmas dinner host is a guest’s child screaming out of the toilet, saying there is a ghost making weird noises. Honestly, the negligence is just not worth the embarrassment.

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Thus, your first line of defence against such problems is timely preventive maintenance. If that doesn’t work or you skip it for any reason, then your second line of defence is requesting timely residential plumbing services to prevent the problem from worsening.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the things you may encounter that require residential plumbing services.

Clogged And Damaged Kitchen Drains

If you think a clogged kitchen drain is a problem that occurs only in your house, then perhaps our words will make you feel better. As residential plumbing contractors, the most common problem we are requested to resolve is a clogged kitchen sink or drain. Thus, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

However, ignoring the problem and not learning from it will only lead you to call for plumbing services again and again. If the clog excused you once and didn’t cause major damage, it does not mean it will be merciful next time too. Hence, first, get drain cleaning services from an experienced residential plumbing contractor to unclog your kitchen drain. Then, install high-quality garburator a in order to avoid the problem next winter.

Disturbed Toilet Lines

Besides blocked kitchen sinks, clogged bathroom and toilet lines are major inconveniences in Calgary. While this issue is prevalent year-round, it becomes more persistent in the winter. While kitchen clogs are withstandable, the foul smell and unpleasant sight of a blocked toilet or bathroom line are agonizing.

Due to the low temperatures in winter, the grease in your lines solidify faster and cause blockages. For this reason, a blocked toilet or shower drain is a common occurrence in winter.

If you are also facing a similar issue, request professional residential plumbing services before the problem turns into a disaster during the holiday season.

Cracked Outdoor And Indoor Pipes

Continuous freezing and thawing of materials is a common occurrence in winter. While this scientific phenomenon is quite helpful in major research, it becomes an inconvenience if it occurs to your plumbing system.

Often inefficiently installed and insulated pipes are left exposed to the wrath of Calgary’s harsh winter weather. The recurring freeze-and-thaw cycles cause the pipes to crack and burst. Not only does this lead to significant water wastage, but it also results in substantial financial losses for the owner.

So if you suspect a leak or a crack in your pipes, request immediate help from a plumbing company in Calgary.

Overburdened Water Heater Or Furnace

Water heaters and furnaces have a lot resting on their shoulders during the winter season. During the holiday season, when your uncles, aunties, sisters, brothers, and parents decide to come over, these devices may give in. This is especially true if you haven’t given them the care and maintenance they require.

If your heating appliances are not in their very best condition and require frequent repairs, get an energy-efficient water heater furnace or from Jack’d Up Plumbing.

Low Water Pressure

Besides cracking, the low temperatures experienced during winter peaks can also cause the water in your outdoor and indoor pipes to freeze. This results in low water pressure or no water at all. In the chaos of the holiday season, this problem is simply unaffordable for homeowners. From cooking to cleaning, washing, and more, every household chore necessitates an uninterrupted water supply.

Call a professional plumbing company now and request them to insulate your pipes to avoid this problem in the future.

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