Things That Can Be Fatal For Your Garburators

December 8, 2022


Garbage disposal makes our lives easy by working hard for us. If you have one, you will understand the satisfaction of disposing of the materials with the flip of a switch. Unfortunately, most of us treat our garburators as garbage cans – letting everything go down the drain. This habit can lead to serious plumbing problems down the road.

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You can save yourself from a lot of trouble by simply being careful about the things you put down your garbage disposal because if you don’t keep a check on things, it will clog the garburator and then you will need to call a professional residential plumber from an accredited plumbing company.

The following blog explains the materials you should never let go into your garburator. So, let’s get started;

Coffee Grounds

Don’t let the small coffee grains deceive you. Although they appear very finely grounded, they are densely packed and appear almost like a paste when taken out of the filter. So, when you allow them to get into your garburator, you will be left with a gunk of sediment piled up in the drain, increasing the chances of a clog.

Nuts And Shells

Shells and nuts, including seafood shells, can damage your kitchen garbage disposal system. Even the softer nuts, such as peanuts and pistachios, are still bad for the garburator blades and filters. Your garbage disposal is not a nut grinder. So, think about what you are making by grinding and mashing up peanuts. Peanut butter! And not the kind that you get in the jars, but a thick peanut mixture that can easily block your drain and filter.

Animal Bones

Like shells and nuts, animal bones are also not meant for your garbage disposal. Although it may be very hard for some of us to accept, the garbage disposal is not indestructible. It is not used to dealing with hard substances such as animal bones.

Animal bones are one of the hardest natural elements, and your disposal can not handle them. Don’t panic if you accidentally let a small fish bone or a chicken bone slide down into your garburator; the appliance can handle this much.

However, anything bigger than this will only spin in your garburator and damage its blades and grinding mechanism. At that time, you will feel helpless, but a trusted garburator repair service provider can save your appliance from completely malfunctioning.

Onion Layers

Chopped onions can easily go down the garbage disposal; it is the uppermost layer that is a problem. The membrane just beneath the onion’s hard layer can easily miss the blades and even wrap around them. Moreover, this layer can get wedged in the drain and act as the barrier or filter for the other objects coming into the disposal machine.

Fibrous Vegetables And Fruit

Many fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber strands that can tangle around the disposal’s blades. A few things that should go in the trash instead of the garbage disposal are; celery, rhubarb, asparagus, and banana peels.

A few traces of these items here and there will not hurt it, but regular exposure can badly damage the quality and functioning of your appliance.

Potato Peels

If you let potato peels go down the disposal, it will result in one of the following two scenarios;

The peels will be thin enough to pass through the grinder and get caught in the drain and block it.

The peels will end up caught in the blade and ground into a starch paste. When this paste moves down the pipes, it will then cause severe plumbing problems and blockages.

Grease, Oil, And Fat

Grease oil and fat are very decisive in the sense that they appear as liquid initially but won’t stay like this for long. By this time, they will thicken and become the greatest problem for any drain. Therefore, it is better to first let it thicken in the pan and then dispose of it in the trash.

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