4 Types Of Garburators For Your Garbage Disposal Needs

September 29, 2022


Having an efficient, reliable, and well-maintained garburator is essential for garbage disposal in both commercial and residential properties. Choosing the right garburator is not always an easy task, especially when you are not familiar with the different types of garburators available in the market.

If you choose to rely on a garburator installation company, you can easily discuss your requirements with the professionals and get the best garbage disposal solution.

The primary function of all garburators is to grind up food that is tossed down the drain. Nevertheless, you can find four main types of garbage disposal equipment. In this blog post, you will get to know all about these different types of garburators so that you are able to make the best choice as per your requirements.

Importance Of Choosing The Right Garburator

The purpose of having different types of garburators is that it is not possible for only one type of garbage disposal system to support all types of requirements. For example, if you have limited space, you will need garbage disposal instead of a trash compactor as a garburator is placed under the sink and does not take up extra space.

Moreover, different types of garburators have their own advantages and disadvantages that help you in choosing the best garbage disposal method for your kitchen.

Types Of Garburators

The following are the four major types of garburators.

1. Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

You can turn on the continuous feed garburator with a switch when you are running water down the sink’s drain. This type of garburator will keep grinding down the food waste as long as the switch is turned on.

Continuous feed garburators are typically used to deal with a large amount of waste as you have complete control over when you want to turn it on. You can simply keep it running when you are cleaning the sink.

Another reason why these garbage disposal systems are popular in both commercial and residential properties is that they are significantly less expensive batch feed disposals.

Generally, a continuous feed garburator is sufficient to fulfil your waste management needs. However, its major disadvantage is that the switch operating system can turn into a safety hazard because the garburator will be running as long as the switch is flipped. They can also result in higher utility bills.

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2. Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

The function of the batch feed garbage disposal system is to grind batches of food waste individually. This type of garburator comes with a specialized cover that covers the sink drain and on top of the disposal. The cover aligns with the disposal’s top to turn it on and shred any of the waste contained within the unit.

If you want to get a garburator that provides maximum safety, then choosing batch feed garbage disposal is certainly the best option for you. Since it operates only when the cover is placed, it is a safer option than a continuous feed garburator.

Furthermore, the disposal cover also eliminates the chances of different objects falling down the drain by mistake. Keep in mind that batch feed garburators are only suitable for dealing with a small amount of food waste. You cannot expect it to deal with a large amount of food waste.

Whether you use a continuous feed garburator or batch feed garburator, it is important to rely on professional garburator installation services to ensure the garbage disposal systems are installed in the best way possible.

3. Undercounter Garbage Disposal

As the name suggests, an under-counter garbage disposal is installed directly beneath the counter. On the other hand, most other types of garbage disposal systems are installed directly under the sink.

4. Manual Garburator

Manual garbage disposal means that you use a garburator to manually grind the food waste. However, this method of garbage disposal has become outdated to a great extent due to the modern innovations in the garbage disposal industry.

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