Tips To Prevent Clogging In Your Bathroom Drains

June 9, 2022

Tips To Prevent Clogging In Your Bathroom Drains

You wouldn’t openly admit it, but a bathroom is a place of solace at the end of a tiresome day or early in the morning. Surely, you are familiar with the sensation of how warm water soothingly washes away sleep, fatigue, dirt, and dead cells. Nothing is better than a relaxing bath or shower early in the morning or right before bed. However, this soothing sensation can quickly turn into a disgusting encounter when your shower, toilet, or sink gurgles out the dirty water instead of taking it away.


The above is not the worst-case scenario yet. With time, these clogs will morph into culprits, causing extremely foul smells and severe damage to other plumbing areas. You might even have to deal with toilet waste traveling up the drains. As professional plumbing contractors, we want you to understand that the aim behind this detailed explanation of the possible unpleasant scenarios is to encourage you to avoid experiencing these problems.

Surprisingly, you do not need any rocket science to prevent your bathroom drains from clogging. Cautiousness, basic cleaning, and timely actions are all you need to do. This blog post will discuss in detail the tips and hacks to prevent your bathroom drains from clogging.

Mind What Goes Down The Drain

Your toilet drains and pipes are not monsters that can digest everything you shove down their throats, and neither do they have the ability to dissolve large items magically. The only things you can flush down your toilet drain are water, waste, and toilet paper. Nothing more than that – not even facial tissues.

Unfortunately, many people disregard this rule. From tooth floss to diapers, wipes, tampons, toys, medication, and even plastic bags, the sort of things we find blocking the drains are surprising. Try keeping other means of disposal, such as bins in toilets, instead of forcing everything down the toilet drains. Otherwise, your toilet will begin to bubble and gurgle up the waste. Trust us; the latter is not something you would want to experience.

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We know these things may become inevitable when there are children in the house but monitoring their activities and reminding them of toilet etiquette is the only preventive measure.

Brush Your Hair Before Taking A Bath Or Shower

If we talk about shower drains in particular, fallen hair materializes as the main culprit behind clogs. First of all, never cut, comb, or brush your hair in the shower or sink, as the strands that find their way into the drains end up trapping dirt and soap and eventually block the drains. Thus, you must avoid these acts at all costs.

As an extra preventive measure, brush your hair before taking a shower or bath to get rid of any loose strands. Resultantly, you will successfully prevent these strands from entering the drain.

Use A Hair Trap

As an added precaution, use a hair trap in the shower. This tip is specifically for people who shave in the shower. If you do not have an alternative place, use hair traps and clean them regularly to avoid blockages.

Do Not Ignore Problems

In the case of plumbing issues, ignorance is the worst sin. Usually, when people see initial signs of a clogging drain, they tend to ignore it as if the problem will solve itself. You might have been lucky in using this method for your electronic gadgets, like phones. But your plumbing system will not give you such liberty.

If you can’t correct the problem, immediately request drain cleaning services from a reputable plumber in Calgary before the problem morphs into a disaster.

Regularly Run Hot Water Through Your Drains

One of the best preventive measures to avoid clogging is the hot water trick. Apparently, hot water has the ability to dissolve many chemicals such as soaps and shaving gels. Thus, running hot water through your drains every few days will wash all the clingy entities away from your drain.

Use Conventional Hacks

If you want to go the extra mile to prevent clogs, use the conventional baking soda and vinegar hack concurrently with the hot water trick. Start by pouring one cup of baking soda into the drain and add a cup of white vinegar on top (use plain vinegar). Cover the drain and allow the chemical reaction to take place for about fifteen minutes. Lastly, run a generous amount of hot water through the drain.

Request Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Please note that the above-mentioned tricks are preventive measures. If you already have a clogged drain, the wisest decision would be to call a reputable plumbing contractor to help you out. While drain snakes may help once in a while, their usage poses a threat to weaker pipes and might result in breakages.

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