Tips For Preventing Plumbing Problems This Holiday Season

January 19, 2023

Tips For Preventing Plumbing Problems This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the peak activity time for most households. Everyone is at home, and family and friend time is in full swing. All these festivities put a lot of stress and pressure on the systems of your house, including the plumbing system.

Imagine coming home to find that your kitchen sink or wash basin tap had been running throughout the day. Everyone has been forcing it to open and close. All these factors and the overall increased usage of the fixture put a real test on your plumbing system.

However, the last thing you want is to have to call an emergency plumbing repair company and invest your cherishable time in fixing the plumbing.

Fortunately, there are ways by which you can avoid dealing with clogged pipes, leaking fixtures, or broken garbage disposals this holiday season. The following blog enumerates some tips on how to prevent facing plumbing problems this holiday season.

Why Are Plumbing Problems More Common During The Holiday Season?

It is normal for most families to spend a lot of time together in their homes during the holiday season. This means that the house experiences more residents and use during this time. Understandably, your toilets are being flushed more often, the showers and sinks will run longer and more often comparatively, and foreign objects can make their way down the drains unintentionally.

Moreover, if your home has older pipes and you have been procrastinating their maintenance for a while, your pipes can face problems due to overuse.

Additionally, your home’s plumbing system can also face additional pressure due to colder temperatures. Below mercury level, temperatures can cause the pipes and water lines to freeze, resulting in the bursting of the pipes and causing water damage and leaks.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Plumbing Problems

Here are some practices that can help you avoid plumbing problems this holiday season.

Watch Your Sink Drains

The holiday season usually means you are using your kitchen a lot more than your normal routine. With all those festive dinner preparations and hosting guests, you are surely using the kitchen sink a lot more. You can’t minimize this use, but you can be aware of what you are putting down the drain during its use. Certain substances can not only clog the drains but also cause a foul smell to seep into your kitchen.

Never try to drain grease or oil down the drain; instead, keep the leftover grease or oil in a jar and throw it in the garbage can when taking the garbage out. These substances can cool and cause drain clogs and overflowing sinks.

Similarly, try to keep restricted substances such as bigger vegetable chunks, starches, potato peels, and more away from the garbage disposal unit to avoid breakdowns.

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Take Care Of Your Toilets

With more people in your home, your toilets will be used more often. So, make sure that the only items that are being flushed are toilet paper and human waste. Other products like sanitary napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, makeup removal pads, and wrappers are not meant for toilet drains. These products will simply not drain and dissolve.

In fact, some of them, due to their size, can block pipes in your plumbing system completely. Therefore, to avoid toilet clogs during your festive season, make sure the use of the toilet is under control and only human waste and toilet paper go down the drain.

Prevent Pipes From Bursting

When temperatures drop below freezing, the pipes in your plumbing system become more susceptible to freezing and bursting, especially if they are old and loose. This can cause expensive pipe repairs and become even more costly if you need emergency services.

So, to avoid expensive pipe repair, make sure any exposed pipes in the basement or crawl space are properly covered and insulated.

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