What Causes A Slow Drain?

October 20, 2022


A slow drain can be highly frustrating for anyone, but it is also a very common phenomenon as drains tend to get clogged for a variety of reasons. In most cases, contacting a professional drain cleaning service provider is important to eliminate this issue.

However, if you are curious about what causes slow draining, keep reading to find out the major causes behind why your dirty water might not be going down the drain easily.

Signs Of A Slow Drain

Identifying that the drainage is slow in your kitchen is not a difficult task. You are likely to notice it while washing the dishes. If the water does not go down quickly when you remove the kitchen sink’s stopper and a significant amount of murky water is getting accumulated, it means you are dealing with a slow drain.

Moreover, the water will go down slowly and make audible gurgling noises. There are many reasons why your drain might have gotten clogged and now suffers from slow drainage. Keep reading to learn these reasons.

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What Is Clogging Your Drain?

A lot of things go down your drain that accumulates in its pipes, causing a clogged and slow drain. A complex clog can get formed from fat, grease, and soap buildup in the pipes, due to which water might not be moving freely in the pipes. Professional drain cleaning services in Calgary can facilitate you in dealing with such clogs in the best way possible.

Some things such as cement, joint compound, grout, jewelry items, and excessive food waste also end up in drain pipes and cause significant hindrance to water. People typically try to resolve the issue of slow drains at home.

But, if suitable drain cleaning services are not used, you can end up escalating the issue. So, it is better to rely on professional plumbers who can deal with different types of clogs of varying severity.

Top 2 Useful Methods Of Drain Cleaning

Generally, there are two popular methods of drain cleaning to get rid of clogs and resolve slow draining:

1. Hydro-Jetting

Hydro-jetting is a useful and popular method of cleaning drains. It involves using high-pressure water to shoot jets of cleaning solution down the drains. A significant benefit of hydro-jetting is that it can be used to remove even larger items and clogs from the drains’ pipes.

At the same time, a significant downside of hydro-jetting is that it does not get into every smaller space, like the crevices of the drain pipes. As a result, tiny clogs are likely to remain unresolved even after using this technique.

2. Cable-Assisted Hydro Jetting

Another popular method of cleaning a drains’ pipes is cable-assisted hydro jetting, in which a rotating brush is used to loosen and remove larger items from the pipelines.

However, it is also similar to simple traditional hydro-jetting, due to which it does not clean smaller spaces in the drains’ pipes. Therefore, you should contact professional drain cleaning services if the drain is significantly slow.

Tips To Prevent A Slow Drain

Prevention is the best way to stop slowing drains in the first place. The following are some of the most important tips you should use to prevent slow draining: Always use a mesh trap on the bathtub drain and keep it clean

  • Regularly clean the kitchen sink stopper
  • Flush the drains with the help of a large amount of water
  • Contact professional drain cleaning services for regular maintenance
  • Limit the waste going into the drains as much as possible
  • Be mindful of the things that can and cannot go down the drain

Ultimately, following these tips is essential to ensure your drain does not get clogged and that your drainage speed is optimum.

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